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Local wind day - cooperative wind as a driver for local energy transition (40 min) (Dutch)

During this webinar: 

  • Jan De Pauw from Rescoop Vlaanderen explains how cooperative wind energy can be a driver for municipalities to achieve their climate goals.
  • Ben Caussyn from the city of Eeklo  will tell about the experiences with wind and cooperatives since 1999 and the impact to achieve the climate goals of the city.

The power of energy cooperations (53 min) (Dutch)

During this webinar:

  • Jan De Pauw from Rescoop Vlaanderen explains how energy cooperatives can help municipalities to achieve their climate goals.
  • Patrick Swyngedouw from Pajopower will tell about the practical organisation of an energy cooperative.
  • There will be room for interaction: for questions / comments ...

Companies, offices and retail on-board (47 min) (Dutch)

During this webinar:

  • we present climate actions you can take as a city in offices, shops, schools, municipal buildings ...
  • a few experts (Samen Klimaatactief en VOKA) and colleagues will have their say
  • there is room for interaction: questions/comments ...

Communicate trough our public page (36 min) (Dutch)

You'll learn how to:

  • use the new public page and functions
  • make your page attractive
  • push your climate actions in order to reach your citizens