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A source of inspiration

Get inspired by a whole bunch of good practices on our blog and learn what works and what doesn’t in your peer cities around the world, near and far. 

Similarly, you can choose to share your measures and progress, inspiring other cities to go for it and give it their all.


Learn from each other

Wondering how your colleagues have tackled a certain project? Ask it in FutureproofedCities directly to the growing community. You can start a discussion, learn from the experiences of others or chat directly with other users. We don't want everyone to reinvent the wheel!



We regularly organise webinars on a variety of topics.  Through this we can put you in touch with other municipalities and experts. That way you can get inspired and learn useful tips and tricks on a range of different topics. Check out here which webinars you can join soon.


Meet the other cities in our FPC Talk

Twice a year we bring together all FutureproofedCities users during our FutureproofedCities Talks. Get in touch with the others, learn some best practices of other cities, or find some inspiration in the speakers’ presentations.

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Direct support

We get it. It’s annoying to waste time waiting for support when you’re working on your climate action plan or managing your measures. That’s why we offer in-app chat support to give you direct feedback while you’re working. A transcript of that conversation will then be sent through to you via e-mail, that way you don’t have to write anything down.

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We’d be thrilled to hear about the challenges facing climate action in your city. FutureproofedCities can help and we can’t wait to show you how it works.