Choose how you want to start with FutureproofedCities 




You can start directly by discovering the abilities of the web app. We will listen to your needs and explain how FutureproofedCities can help you and your city.

  • Presentation of the tool
  • Demo of your city's climate plan
  • Meeting at Futureproofed or via videoconference
  • Meeting in your city with both environmental and communication aldermen and officers


€ 247 - 995 / month (excl. BTW)

If you want to directly start to futureproof your city, you can get full access to this new platform. Receive your customised offer immediately.

  • Start-up training (1/2 day): technical training and support for internal organization
  • Full access to the software as is
  • All future platform updates (bug fixes, features, etc.)
  • All future content updates (new measures, targets, data, etc.)
  • Technical support from Futureproofed
  • Invitation to FutureproofedCities members-only events to share knowledge (approx. twice/year at Futureproofed)
  • SE(C)AP mitigation: reporting included for orders of minimum 2 years
  • Monthly price (excl. VAT) depends on city size
  • Billed annually

Receive a standard offer for your city council

City network

City network

Price based on your needs

You are an organisation (province, intercommunale...) helping cities to become futureproofed but you don't know where to start?

  • Full access to the platform
  • Features based on your needs