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Concrete actions to get things done

Finally, link actions to each measure of your climate action plan. 

Actions are concrete steps you will take to reach the target of a measure. These actions let you organise your work and engage politicians, citizens, and other stakeholders to make the measures happen.

Action list

Example: Serge organises an info session on PVT

Activity feed.png

Example: Laetitia added a measure and updated the target and other parameters a few minutes ago.

Collaborating and managing the work

FutureproofedCities makes it possible for you to collaborate on your climate action plan and share the work with the relevant departments and teams. The activity feed gives you a quick overview of what happened while you were offline.

Actions are assigned to team members, helping you to make progress by reviewing their work and responsibilities, step by step.


Dashboards & visuals

See your data, the progress you've made and the challenges that lie ahead, in clear visuals. This helps you tell your sustainable success stories and evaluate the future evolution of your emissions. 

One always up-to-date source, many output formats. It’s up to you how you use them: internally or externally. No more slide shows to put together before you next team meeting; easily update politicians or other stakeholders. You can also embed elements of the public dashboard visuals, action list, etc., on your website.

What’s not to like?


Exportable reports

Even though all the data is online, you can also export a printable version of your climate action plan. This is an in-depth report on the evolution of your emissions, which you can use to prepare presentations or meetings, for example.


Integration within other platforms

You can easily integrate data from FutureproofedCities with other platforms thanks to our API (Application Programming Interface).

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