FutureproofedCities Talks

Twice a year we bring together all FutureproofedCities users during our FutureproofedCities Talks. You can get in touch with other users, expand your network and share experiences. 


FutureproofedCities Talk 4

- 13 November 2018  -


We’re still finishing the programma, but already show you some highlights:

  • Tom Osdoba (bio) will tell about his years of experience with different cities and municipalities about convincing decision makers to invest in a fossil-free future. He recently joined EIT Climate-KIC as a Senior Advisor to cities within Climate-KIC and is looking for levers to finance and implement the transition. Climate-KIC is Europe's largest knowledge and innovation community on sustainability and climate change of which FutureproofedCities recently became a member of; 🙌

  • Sam Tessens (Biogas-e) will give you a heads-up about biogas and biomethane in Flanders and will explain the applications and opportunities for local governments.  

  • There will be a "speakers corner", where you can share an experience in a few minutes or ask a question to the whole group. We also want to give you the opportunity to work in a group around a case from one of you. We already heard a lot of suggestions for this, so thanks!;

  • As always, there is room for your experiences and feedback about climate actions and the tool; 🗣️

  • ... and of course: inspire each to get started with passion!


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