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Engage your citizens

Without its citizens, organisations and companies, cities cannot ensure the transition. But the city can act as a facilitator, a catalyst of change. This is the ambition of FutureproofedCities' public page: not only to inform citizens of what's happening in their city, but also to encourage them to act and contribute to making their city more pleasant to live in.

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Publish only what you want to show

Thanks to a simple 'public-private' button you're able to choose which actions and measures you want to share with your citizens and companies. You can also easily embed this information in your own website

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Have a look at other cities 

Navigate our public map to other cities and discover how they share their climate story. Be inspired and contact them to share your experiences!


Set your city in motion

Goal-oriented communication towards your citizens and companies enables you to facilitate their concrete engagement



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We’d be thrilled to hear about the challenges facing climate action in your city. FutureproofedCities can help and we can’t wait to show you how it works.