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FPC prefilled data

Baseline emission inventory upload

The baseline and monitoring emission inventories (SEAP template) of your city are already uploaded for you. If you need to update them, for any reason – say to include municipal emissions, for example – you can do this in just a few clicks.


History of emissions

Your emission inventories will be displayed in clear visuals to show the evolution of your city's emissions over time.

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Example: adding a measure in a few clicks

Climate action plan development

If you already have a climate action plan, you can configure it in a simple and systematic way to get things started with your team right away.

You’ll typically organize your action plan by sector. For each sector, measures are customized and adapted to the specific context of your city, each with an approximate cost and carbon reduction. Collectively, these measures enable to achieve emission and cost reduction goals and create co-benefits for citizens and stakeholders.


Preset & customizable action plan

To help make your life easier, a starter set of measures is available for your city. These measures are still fully customizable, and you can both add or subtract anything you want. 

If you are developing your city’s climate action plan, the emission inventories will act as a starting point. You can then quickly begin building your plan by picking from a growing list of proven measures and then finetune the details to match climate ambitions and your city’s current context. You’ll automatically see the expected carbon and financial savings per measure and over time.

Easy Peasy!


evolution prognosis laptop.png

Expected evolution of your emissions

On track to hit your climate goals, or need to define additional measures? 

According to your baseline and monitoring emission inventories and the measures that you have selected, you will quickly see how your emissions have really evolved and what to expect for the coming years



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