The floor is given to our users

hans bonte
We have chosen for FutureproofedCities, among others because we believe that the app can help us to strengthen cooperation between municipal services and politics on climate plans in a smooth and efficient way.
— Hans Bonte, Mayor VILVOORDE
klaas geers
Participation and engagement seems the most important to us. With FutureproofedCities, we think we can better involve our citizens in our climate actions by improving our communication. After all, this lowers the threshold for interested citizens.
— Klaas Geers, Sustainability Civil Servant OVERIJSE
Gerda Flo
FutureproofedCities gives us a good overview of where we stand today, which measures and actions helped us saved the most CO2 until now and which measures can still help us save the most of it. Besides, the app shows us what happens in which sector, so we can know where we need to put our energy on.
— Gerda Flo, Program director Climate City KORTRIJK
Johan de Herdt
FutureproofedCities helps people from different teams and departments collaborate on one shared climate plan.
— Johan De Herdt, Project manager climate & sustainable city ANTWERP
Véronique Souillaert
FutureproofedCities is a handy platform where everything we do around climate in the City of Bruges can now be bundled in one place. This way can our citizens, companies but also other city services be aware of our climate actions.
— Véronique Souillaert, Climate coordinator BRUGES
Erica Lemmens
Thanks to FutureproofedCities we can follow up the progress of our climate plan and take action on time or step up a gear if the reduction is too slow. The public site enables our city to show to the citizens what actions we are implementing and where they can participate. This is how we go forward together for the climate!
— Erica Lemmens, Environmental Department HASSELT
Dirk Hoet
Our climate measures and actions are very clearly and visually presented thanks to FutureproofedCities. This makes it easier to communicate about our plan and ensures that all parties involved get a clear view of the efforts made by each sector.
— Dirk Hoet, Climate Communication Coordinator OSTENDE
With FutureproofedCities we make our climate actions sexy, within our organization and in our external communication!
— Gawein Van Daele, Expert Environment & Sustainability ZAVENTEM
We’re done with being part of this slow governmental machine! Thanks to FutureproofedCities we can stay on top of these things and we are part of the transition.
— Sustainability Civil servant and user of the tool
In addition to the user-friendly tool to manage all climate measures and actions, FutureproofedCities is my direct link with other cities and municipalities to share best practices. With the available expertise behind the scenes, we can take more concrete steps in our sustainable development.
— Pascal Moons, Sustainability Officer VILVOORDE
Fotos klanten testimonials.010.jpeg
In our city, FutureproofedCities equals ‘reloading’ during our journey through the climate desert
— Environmental officer and user of the tool