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••• Futureproofed helps companies and governments create economic value while accelerating the shift to a fossil-free, sustainable society. 

At Futureproofed, we have over 15 years experience in supporting businesses, cities and municipalities in the development, monitoring, implementation and visualization of their climate action plan. We firmly believe that local authorities can take the lead so that we may live a more comfortable and healthy life in a low-carbon society. With FutureproofedCities, we want to continue to help you and your citizens, to turn these challenges into tomorrow's reality.


What does Futureproofed typically do for cities like yours?

Develop a climate action plan
- Leuven -

The Belgian city of Leuven, one of the first European university cities, wants to become climate neutral by 2030.

Futureproofed developed quantified measures and possible scenarios (combinations of measures), i.e. a climate action plan, that will help Leuven to reach climate neutrality by 2030.

For each proposed intervention, the net profit or cost per ton saved CO2eq and per year, the total CO2eq reduction and the attractiveness of the measure have been estimated.

Support the management of a climate action plan
- Vilvoorde -

Futureproofed coached Vilvoorde to turn its climate action plan into reality

Most of the time, the Covenant of Mayors is perceived as extra work on top of the existing goals... 

But through this coaching process, the choices and interests of different departments have been converted to common interests. Thereby, the sustainable action plan has been successfully translated into opportunities empowering existing policies and helping everyone involved reach their own goals.

Visualise climate actions and their evolution
- Mechelen -

To make sure Mechelen stays on track to reduce its emissions, policy needs to be informed on a continuous and qualitative basis.

Therefore, Futureproofed designed a visual dashboard that would read, process and visualise scattered raw data on a real-time basis. 

All the relevant info can thus be viewed, shared or made available to Mechelen's citizens to visualise the emissions of their city and the impact of the ongoing climate actions.