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Fixed bugs


  • More translations
  • Improved sharing on facebook


  • All emission factors are now found under 'Data input'


  • Now also internal notes for all your actions!
  • The overview of your progress contains absolute CO2 savings - total, by sector and by measure.
  • All activities are now better tracked in your activity feed.
  • A bug in generation reports in Internet Explorer now only exists in the past.


  • Forgot your pasword? No worries, you can reset it easily now!


  • Sorting actions by name happens alphabetically.
  • All measures of all users are in the right sectors.


  • When choosing absolute of relative emissions (per citizen), the current choice was not clear. 
  • We support https to make sure (login) data stays secure.
  • The login link is app.futureproofed.com. Your own public page is city.futureproofed.com
  • Our login page has had an upgrade and is clear and visual.


  • The sectors in FPC use the same sectors als SE(C)AP.
  • Actions can be found in searches now.
  • The dashboard graph sometimes predicted data as validated when it was not. Fortunately that's in the past.