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When it comes to climate change, cities and municipalities are where the action is. Mayors around the world are leading communities towards a prosperous, fossil-free future. City officials are working hard to articulate climate plans, turning them into reality, and forging sustainable cities and municipalities where it’s great to live and work.

A city’s climate action plan is the bedrock of this transformation, and FutureproofedCities facilitates this change. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use, online software designed to help you develop, monitor, manage, and visualize your city’s climate action plan and better engage with your citizens.

By narrowing the gap between plan and action and bringing tangible, visible benefits that improve quality of life, leaders can start a virtuous cycle that encourages and sustains an awesome urban environment.

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Collaborative, cloud-based software with private and public dashboards

Define measures and instantly preview cost and carbon savings

Instantly share actions and progress with your team and citizens

FutureproofedCities Develop


If your city has a climate action plan, you can configure it in a simple and systematic way in the FutureproofedCities web app. Get ready to get things done.
If your are developing a climate action plan, you can begin by picking from the predefined measures, adapting them to your city’s needs and goals, and immediately see the expected cost and CO2 savings of your campaign.

Get inspired by other cities' success stories
Begin by using our starter kit with custom measures
See expected savings in € and CO2

Monitor & manage

Once your climate plan is set up, FutureproofedCities helps you monitor your progress and manage the work to be done by your team.

Follow progress of measures and actions in real-time
Easily collaborate with other divisions
Present up-to-date status report anytime anywhere
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Visualise & engage

FutureproofedCities makes it easy to share updates with your team and encourage your citizens to engage in climate action. Choose what to work on internally and what to share publicly. Always up-to-date and easy-to-understand information and visuals allow citizens to see how your city is improving, read about the latest actions, and understand how they can act — making your climate action plan a reality.

Follow your progress and understand what works
Share your actions and engage your citizens
Embed always up-to-date visuals on your site

Request a demo

We’d be thrilled to hear about the challenges facing climate action in your city.
FutureproofedCities can help and we can’t wait to show you how it works.

Stay tuned

FutureproofedCities helps teams get more climate action done, and we’ve only just begun. Honestly, we’re not even warmed up yet. So, stay tuned and don’t miss out.

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We have chosen for FutureproofedCities, among others because we believe that the app can help us to strengthen cooperation between municipal services and politics on climate plans in a smooth and efficient way.
— Hans Bonte, Mayor VILVOORDE
Participation and engagement seems the most important to us. With FutureproofedCities, we think we can better involve our citizens in our climate actions by improving our communication. After all, this lowers the threshold for interested citizens.
— Klaas Geers, Sustainability Functionary OVERIJSE

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