Your climate action plan
in one easy-to-use online tool.

Cities are leading the way to a low-carbon, less costly and more comfortable world to live in. Your city climate action plan is the start of this transformation.

Better choices. More efficiency. Greater impact. We listened to city deputies and saw their need for a better way to implement their climate action plan.

FutureproofedCities is a powerful, easy-to-use online software designed to help you develop, monitor and manage your city climate action plan and visualise and share it with your citizens.

Your city, Futureproofed.


city futureproofed

Ready to function.
But still customisable.


And easy to understand.


Efficient to get things done.
A simple list of actions.

FutureproofedCities Develop


Already have a climate action plan? Configure it in a few clicks within the FutureproofedCities web app and get ready to get things done!
Don't have a climate action plan yet? No worries, FutureproofedCities enables you to build one.

Get inspired
Start from preset actions
See future savings

Monitor & manage

Now that your climate action plan is ready, FutureproofedCities makes it straightforward (or should we say elementary, my dear Watson?) to monitor your progress and manage the work to be done by your team.

Follow real-time evolution
Collaborate together
Use a ready-to-use slides
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Visualise & engage

Willing to let your team and the citizens to be part of your sustainable story? Simply share the evolution of your climate action plan with them, demonstrate your progress and tell them your sustainable success stories with up-to-date and easy-to-understand visuals.

Show your progress
Share your successes
Embed visuals on your site

Get a meeting with us

And who knows, you might find
the solution to all your climate problems

Stay up-to-date

And outsmart
your colleagues of other cities


Cities Futureproofed worked with

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