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FutureproofedCities allows you to develop, monitor, manage and visualise your climate action plan.
All of this in one easy-to-use online tool, accessible anywhere, anytime.

FPC prefilled data

Baseline emission inventory upload

The baseline and monitoring emission inventories (SEAP template) of your city are already uploaded for you. If you need to update them, for any reason – say to include municipal emissions, for example – you can do this in just a few clicks.


History of emissions

Your emission inventories will be displayed in clear visuals to show the evolution of your city's emissions over time.

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Example: adding a measure in a few clicks

Climate action plan development

If you already have a climate action plan, you can configure it in a simple and systematic way to get things started with your team right away.

You’ll typically organize your action plan by sector. For each sector, measures are customized and adapted to the specific context of your city, each with an approximate cost and carbon reduction. Collectively, these measures enable to achieve emission and cost reduction goals and create co-benefits for citizens and stakeholders.


Preset & customizable action plan

To help make your life easier, a starter set of measures is available for your city. These measures are still fully customizable, and you can both add or subtract anything you want. 

If you are developing your city’s climate action plan, the emission inventories will act as a starting point. You can then quickly begin building your plan by picking from a growing list of proven measures and then finetune the details to match climate ambitions and your city’s current context. You’ll automatically see the expected carbon and financial savings per measure and over time.

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Inspiration wall

Get inspired by a whole bunch of good practices. Learn what works and what doesn’t in your peer cities around the world, near and far. Similarly, you can choose to share your measures and progress, inspiring other cities to go for it and give it their all.

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Expected evolution of your emissions

On track to hit your climate goals, or need to define additional measures? 

According to your baseline and monitoring emission inventories and the measures that you have selected, you will quickly see how your emissions have really evolved and what to expect for the coming years

evolution prognosis laptop.png
Action list

Example: Serge organises an info session on PVT

Concrete actions to get things done

Finally, link actions to each measure of your climate action plan. 

Actions are concrete steps you will take to reach the target of a measure. These actions let you organise your work and engage politicians, citizens, and other stakeholders to make the measures happen.


Collaborating and managing the work

FutureproofedCities makes it possible for you to collaborate on your climate action plan and share the work with the relevant departments and teams. The activity feed gives you a quick overview of what happened while you were offline.

Actions are assigned to team members, helping you to make progress by reviewing their work and responsibilities, step by step.

Activity feed.png

Example: Laetitia added a measure and updated the target and other parameters a few minutes ago.


Dashboards & visuals

See your data, the progress you've made and the challenges that lie ahead, in clear visuals. This helps you tell your sustainable success stories and evaluate the future evolution of your emissions. 

One always up-to-date source, many output formats. It’s up to you how you use them: internally or externally. No more slide shows to put together before you next team meeting; easily update politicians or other stakeholders. You can also embed elements of the public dashboard visuals, action list, etc., on your website.

What’s not to like?


Exportable reports

Even though all the data is online, you can also export a printable version of your climate action plan. This is an in-depth report on the evolution of your emissions, which you can use to prepare presentations or meetings, for example.


Direct support

We get it. It’s annoying to waste time waiting for support when you’re working on your climate action plan or managing your measures. That’s why we offer in-app chat support to give you direct feedback while you’re working. The support transcript will also be sent to your e-mail, so you never have to write anything down.

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Engage your citizens

Without its citizens, organisations and companies, cities cannot ensure the transition. But the city can act as a facilitator, a catalyst of change. This is the ambition of FutureproofedCities' public page: not only to inform citizens of what's happening in their city, but also to encourage them to act and contribute to making their city more pleasant to live in. This public page is automatically updated and you can use it to share whatever content you want. You can also embed it in your own website.

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