How it works


FutureproofedCities enables you to develop, monitor, manage and visualise your climate action plan.
All of this in one easy-to-use online tool, accessible on various devices. 

FutureproofedCities Develop

Baseline emission inventory upload

You start by uploading the baseline and monitoring emission inventories (SEAP template) of your city, in only a few clicks.


History of emissions

Your emission inventories will directly be translated into beautiful visuals to show the evolution of your city's emissions through time.


Climate action plan development

If you already have a climate action plan, a few more configuration clicks will be enough to start to get things done with your team.

But don't worry if your city does not have a climate action plan yet, the emission inventories will serve as a basis for its elaboration within the FutureproofedCities web app. Ready to take this challenge?


Inspiration wall

Where to start to elaborate your climate action plan? Just here! Get inspired by a whole bunch of good practices, examples of other cities around the world, the very last sustainable news and lots more.

Thanks to FutureproofedCities, you'll be part of a network of inspiring cities and easily get in touch with people who have make things happen. And if you do something wonderful, you'll then become an example for other cities as well!

Coming soon!

FutureproofedCities Monitor & Manage.png

Campaign: Zero energy housing
Measure: Installing roof insulation

Preset & customizable action plan

To make your life easier, standardised measures are available for your city. But don't worry, they are still fully customizable and you can both add or remove anything you want. 

You'll typically use campaigns, which are groups of measures that work together, to achieve emissions and cost reduction goals and create co-benefits for citizens and stakeholders. Under each campaign, measures are customized and adapted to the specific context of your city, each with an approximate cost and carbon reduction. 


Expected evolution of your emissions

Will you be on track with your climate action plan or should you implement a few extra measures to reach your goals? 

According to your baseline and monitoring emission inventories and the measures that you have selected, you will quickly see how your emissions should evolve in the coming years

evolution prognosis laptop.png
activity iphone.png

Example: Organise 20 demo visits of zero energy houses

Concrete actions to get things done

Finally, link actions to each measure of your climate action plan. 

Actions are concrete steps you will take to reach the target of a measure. These often have a less direct impact on carbon and cost reduction but are still of utmost importance.


Sharing and managing the work

FutureproofedCities enables you, your team and partners to go a step further into reality by sharing the work and managing the evolution of your emissions. 

You just have to assign actions to team members to make it happen. This provides both a quick overview of where you stand, all together, and an actionable list of specific next steps to take to move ahead. 

Example: Georges calls the mayor for end December.


Dashboards & visuals

All your data are combined in beautiful visuals to follow and demonstrate your progress,  tell your sustainable success stories and evaluate the future evolution of your emissions. All of this with up-to-date and easy-to-understand visuals.

These can be used as you wish: internally as well as externally. No more presentations to make before your team meetings or for your stakeholders. You can also share your successes with your citizens, notably by embedding visuals on your website. 

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